Project Management in Armenia 2015-04-17

Project Management (PM) has increasingly blossomed as a field, and has gained international recognition both for its in-depth training methods and the opportunities it provides for those seeking to enrich their position within the project development sector. In fact, formal training in project management can guarantee candidates a holistic approach to managing projects in today’s increasingly global and interconnected reality.


Without a doubt, project management is one of international importance and global necessity. It also boasts an impressive reputation in successfully preparing and qualifying both seasoned professionals and those new to the field.


This then begs the question: “What is Armenia’s position today within this ever-growing area and profession?”


In total, statistics show that globally, there are currently around 650,000 project managers certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI®) as Project Management Professionals (PMP®).  However, the disheartening part of these official numbers is that only roughly 19 of those professionals have been awarded accreditation in Armenia. 


According to Mikayel Nshanyan, PMP, consultant and project management trainer at the IAB Centre, Armenia has not yet matured with regard to PM professionals.  By comparison, the number of PMPs in countries, like Georgia and Azerbaijan are higher than those in Armenia, reaching numbers as high as 28 and 46, respectively.


“The situation started to change for the better during the last years especially in the field of IT and banking. However, there is still not enough professional growth in the field of professional PM in Armenia. Not all local professionals are familiar with the standards, techniques, and tools [necessary] to make projects successful,” explained Nshanyan.


There are a whopping number of benefits certified PM professionals can ultimately reap from certification, which is a contributing factor in its popularity, attracting both existing professionals and beginners in the field.


Certification itself increases both the market value and position of PM professionals, as it awards a competitive edge to those who are equipped with international PM qualifications both locally and abroad. Training and certification in PM can even allow professionals already in the field the opportunity to successfully build on prior knowledge, which will help keep professionals up-to-date with market trends and field techniques in our rapidly globalizing world.


In fact, numerous universities worldwide are currently providing a Masters-level education and degree specifically in Project Management. Armenia is only now beginning to take valuable steps towards joining this trend.


Just last year, in November, the International Academy of Business (IAB) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) organized a joint celebration for International Project Management Day in Armenia.   


IAB and ADB plan to continue their joint efforts in organizing this annual celebration, and will also involve increased participation of members from surrounding countries. This will undoubtedly help improve this joint venture, as it will incorporate more updated information regarding PM trends in 2015 and upcoming years. Through such efforts, IAB continuously demonstrates its determination in improving domestic membership and interest in international qualifications in management-related careers. IAB’s mission to increase the number of those seeking certification in Armenia exhibits the Centre’s ability to cater to the needs of Armenia’s leading (and future) business professionals, entrepreneurs, and naturally, project managers.