Starlight Chemicals LLC

Starlight Chemicals LLC has been founded in 2003. The business aim was promote and supply materials for the Armenian industry, because after crash of Soviet Union, Armenia mostly was cut off from supply of previous Soviet sources due to bad economics, technology changes, logistics problems and etc. The main fields of our business activity are:


Chemical Industry

  • Pharmaceutical raw chemicals
  • Industrial chemicals 
  • Chemicals and additives for food industry 
  • Chemicals for agriculture


Construction Industry

  • Extraction, treatment and care materials for building stone industry, from quarry up to wall 
  • Synthetic diamond cutting tools supply and service maintainence for building stone industry 
  • Machines and tools for building stone industry
  • Building stone export
Mr. Aram Hakobyan
Abelyan 6/1 Street, Yerevan , 0038
Tel:+374 91 403 615