Limitless Hedge Fund

Limitless Returns LLC was established in June of 2017 and has aspirations of becoming the largest alternative asset manager in Armenia. The founder and CEO of the company, Artyom Zakaryan, is an experienced portfolio manager who’s been involved in wealth management industry for more than fifteen years. Artyom Zakaryan is a CFA charterholder since 2011 and has professionally and successfully managed client funds for many years.

Limitless Returns LLC has registered the first hedge fund in Armenia - Limitless Hedge Fund. Fund clients are primarily high net worth individuals, who wish to diversify their assets away from country and local currency risk. The Fund invests in highly-liquid securities and derivatives trading on US-based exchanges, such as NYSE, Nasdaq, COMEX, NYMEX, CBOE, and etc. There is a significant tax advantage for individual investors as profits generated within the fund are not subject to income tax.

Armenian securities market is in a development stage and currently lacks truly qualified portfolio managers for non-AMD denominated assets. Individuals, whose savings are primarily in foreign currency have no choice but to keep their funds either in low-yielding bank deposits or similarly low-yielding US dollar-denominated corporate bonds. Limitless Returns LLC via its Limitless Hedge Fund aims to provide these investors with a true alternative to invest their hard-earned money with a portfolio manager who has a track record of success, has written more than 200 research articles and boasts more than 3200 followers on the largest global financial research platform
– Seeking Alpha.


Mr. Artyom Zakaryan, CFA
7/1 Nalbandyan Street, Yerevan 0010