Jazzve LLC

The Jazzve café chain was established in 2003 with the opening of the first cafe in Moskovyan str. 8. The founders Mr. A. Janibekyan and Mr. M. Minasyan being passionate to the art of having coffee incorporated their ideas within specific interior of the cafe which suited best to the primary goal of the company-to combine the process of enjoying high quality coffee with good music.


The company's name follows this goal. It is associated with coffee and music with the word Jazz in it. It is already a tradition for many Armenians to meet their friends in here as the Jazzve is a tradition in its turn.


The happy customer is valued by the company, because no matter how nice is the interior, or how good is the coffee, everything is for customer - including flexible discount system and responsive service.


The Jazzve is expanding its business. Nowadays Jazzve has ten branches in Armenia and five branches in Russia, with further intentions to extend to Georgia.

General Manager
Mr. Armen Petrosyan
56/2 Garegin Nzhdeh Street, Yerevan 0026
Tel:+374 10 493 330
Fax:+374 10 493 323