Hydroenergetica LLC

Hydroenergetica LLC was established in 1995 as a private consulting engineering company. The Company provides engineering services in hydraulic assessment, design, construction, operation and maintenance. The company is specialized mainly in investigation of dams and reservoirs, objects of civil construction and small hydro power plants (SHPP). We are involved in all issues related with designing of new and ensuring the safety of operating structures, as well as soil mechanic and foundations.

To accomplish these tasks successfully the Company recruited specialists with an extensive experience in investigation, design, construction and operation of hydraulic and civil engineering. Most of the specialists have 30-year experience in this area. Some of them are awarded with high degrees of Science Master and PhD.

While performing its activities the company uses modern analytical methods based on mathematical modelling of processes. These models are based on software, developed both by the company itself and by leading international firms.

Hydroenergetica’s clients include governments, national regulatory bodies, a wide range of public and private companies, investors, banks and other organizations involved in small hydropower, irrigation, and water resource management.

Major areas of activities are:

  • Investigation of technical state of hydraulic and civil structures, small hydro power plants (SHPPs)
  • Design and construction of hydraulic and civil structures, small hydro power plants
  • Design and operation of monitoring system facilities, production and installation of monitoring systems
  • Investigation of soil foundation and basement of structures, geotechnical engineering and soil mechanics
  • Investigation on planning and utilization of water resources
  • Environmental and social assessment of planned activities
  • Construction

We cooperate with known companies of the sphere of our activities such as: Jacobs Engineering Group Inc (UK), Lahmeyer International (Germany), Hydroplus (France), SISGEO (Italy), Norsk Energi (Norway), ARUP (UK), etc.

We received an ISO 9001:2008 Certificate in 2010.

Mr. Sargis Gabayan
7 Street, Nork-Marash, House 16/1, Yerevan 0047, RA