Armenia Today Holding LTD.

Armenia Today Holding LTD was established on 2 February 2018.

The company is currently interested in Investment & Development, Industrial, Tourism, Real Estate Management, Agronomic Program, Housing Program, Medical Tourism, etc.


It has made several investments into the follownig advanced selective projects:

a- Hydroponic Technology & Know how: Hydroponic Green Grass feed production program, Vegetables , Flowers , medicinal Herbs;

b- Cow Care (quarantine, feeding, veterinary, etc.); 

c- Milk Production system & storing;

d- Cattle Feeding program;

e- Poultry Feeding Program.


The mission of Armenia Today Holding is to build business relations, deriving investment into Armenia, and have a positive impact and contribution into Armenia's economy.

Chairman & CEO
Vahakini residence community; 29b - timeshare; Yerevan; Armenia
Tel:+374 94 961 100
Fax:+374 10 381 642