Breakfast Meeting with the U.S. Consul, Ms. Erin Eussen

On October 6, 2016, AmCham held a breakfast meeting with the newly appointed U.S. Consul, Ms. Erin Eussen. Representatives of around 20 member companies participated in the meeting at Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan’s Cucina Restaurant.


As per many requests from AmCham member companies, the participants of the event received the opportunity to meet Ms. Erin Eussen and inquire regarding several issues of concern, specifically in regards to obtaining business visas to the United States of America.


Some of the main suggestions by the Consul and the Consular section included being prepared for the interviews and providing clarity through more details on the business trip. Furthermore, AmCham members were notified that meetings, discussions, and conferences are all considered valid reasons for business travel.


Overall, the breakfast meeting with Ms. Erin Eussen proved to be very informative, social, and productive - fulfilling AmCham’s purpose of creating a successful networking environment for its members.